PCB Design

FireBee provide comprehensive PCB Design & Development Solutions. Our range of Electronic Product Design Services include PCB Design, Embedded Software, Prototyping, and we can also provide Manufacturing services.

Outsourcing to FireBee provides a great value service with reduced lead-times and the latest knowledge in the Industry being applied to your product. 

Our PCB Design capabilities are:

  • SMT & Through-Hole Circuit Board Design
  • RF Product Development
  • Multi-Layer PCB Design
  • Flexible, Rigid and Ceramic PCB Laminates
  • Small-Scale PCBs and Size-Constrained PCB Design Solutions using the latest component technologies
  • Short lead-times

We have excellent in-house team with expert knowledge and a keen focus on designing commercially viable products. 



By far the most common PCB type, FireBee provide Rigid PCB Development in up to 28 Layers, providing for the vast majority of Circuit Board Design requirements in modern consumer and industrial products. 

We can design analogue, digital, high-frequency and RF circuit boards with an excellent level of quality and service. 

FireBee has experience in both narrowband and wideband RF technologies, as well as implementing common wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wifi and Zigbee. FireBee can provide RF Design Services on both standard FR4 laminates as well as high frequency laminates such as ceramic substrates like Rogers. 

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Sometimes flexible PCBs can provide great results in a product. No longer are they consigned to just simple connectors, but now are more commonly used in complex products with either difficult shape or space requirements.




PCB Prototyping

FireBee can prototype and test PCBs on your behalf. We have the in-house capability to assemble most SMT parts within 48 hours onto a bare PCB provided we have the components available. Turnaround times for PCB bare-board can be between 48 hours and 3 weeks depending on the layers required and board stack-up.    

PCB Quality Control

Throughout the design process our engineers focus on delivering a quality product to meet our clients needs. However, quality control does not end once the design is complete. FireBee can develop a test plan for our customers to ensure that products coming off the production line meet specified PCB quality requirements. We can develop automated test procedures, in-board software test programs etc Furthermore, we can set up monitoring procedures for any failure modes, and provide testing and analysis to improve the design of the product to mitigate or fully eliminate any failure modes which become apparent. 

Commercial Focus

We differentiate ourselves by not just being focused on the technical requirements of the product, but also on the commercial strategy of our customers. For example we might design a product differently by balancing the prototyping costs vs. unit production cost based on whether the company is a start-up, well established, looking to license the product, selling the product directly, or using the product to provide a service.