Software Solutions

FireBee has a core capability in Software Development of producing system-wide programming solutions, from a microchips firmware through to the User Interface. Our software programmers can also write custom interfaces between devices to allow seamless and secure access. 

Embedded software comes in all varieties from OS based to simple Real-Time systems. If you haven't already decided upon your final hardware, it's worth contacting us as careful hardware consideration can save thousands of pounds in development. Whether you are looking for a company to just provide embedded software development, or the full product including hardware, our experienced developers  look forward to working with you on your project.

When you're looking for software to run on multiple Operating Systems such as OSX, Windows and Linux, then Qt is a solution worth looking into. Its fast, dependable and it's pre-built features allow for quicker developments at reduced costs!

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As a member of the iOS Developer programme, FireBee can take you through the process of developing the App you envisaged. We can not only create a great piece of software, but also link it into both external and internal hardware, from BlueTooth enabled devices to cloud servers.   

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